Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Barunga Revival Meetings

Photo compliments of Jen Bauer
Last week we were blessed to be
able to attend the revival meetings
out at Barunga. This is a small community
80km southeast of Katherine.

Our friends Jen and Patrick Bauer work
with this community and hold services and
Bible studies and Kids Club there.

We were able to take our bus out each
night with a load of Katherineites.

It is always a blessing to be out there
and see the way the Lord is working in this community.
There are some really lovely, faithful Christians
out there who are committed to serving the Lord
and seeing their families saved.

Our girls had a great time with all the kids
there and made some new friends.

Anyone and everyone was invited and
as usual, the local dogs took up the invitation
and were faithful every night.
(there was only one small dog fight after
service, during refreshments, which caused quite a stir)

We were encouraged through good preaching
from Pastor Ken Chapman (Darwin)
Pastor Justin Stanley (Katherine)
and Pastor Patrick Bauer (Barunga).

Much prayer went into these meetings
and we are excited to see what the Lord
can and will do through the preaching of His
word and any decisions made for Him.

Praise God for opportunities to worship Him
with other likeminded Christians in
surrounding areas.

Please be in prayer for the ministries
here in Katherine and in Barunga.

We serve a great God and nothing is
impossible with Him.

Photo compliments of Jen Bauer