Friday, October 6, 2017

Random Happenings

Well, life has been a bit crazy for the last
few weeks, so I am going to post some
photos of random happenings at the Holmestead
and around the traps.

First things first. A couple of weeks back, I was privileged
(or stupid enough??) to take a group of 8 teens
all the way over to Queensland for the
Malanda Youth Camp!

All in all, despite sickness upon arriving home,
(which is still ongoing)
we had a great time and I managed to keep my sanity!
(Oh, no, that's right, I lost it years ago).

Well, we flew out from hot and dry Darwin
to experience some Malanda Mizzle for the
first couple of days at camp, but then it cleared up!
The girls were reminded of how life goes on
whether it rains or it doesn't, and games must be played
whether you freeze to death or not!

Yeah, let's throw water in each other's faces while
it's raining and we're all out here freezing and
trying to catch pneumonia???

Some great games with the giant earthballs!

Emilee, of course, surrounded by
her adoring mob!

Of course, bonfire night and time for
testimonies of the Lord's goodness
And some time during the week
for scripture memorization.

Then of course, the epic water slide
for the teenagers!
This year, battling with the beginnings of the flu,
I decided to give it a miss. Sigh.
(that, and, I'm old and it hurts more now)

Some goofing off with the Leaders
and the camp speaker,
Chris Dagan.

And, yes, Dad went totally nuts this
year at camp. A sign of his old age.
(it DID wash out before Sunday)

When it was all said and done,
our teens were talking about next year!
So, you never know, Malanda, you might
see us back again in 2018.


The next thing in random happenings,
is that we had our first rain of the season
on October the 1st after 170 days of no rain!!
Yep, that's it. Dry season over, let the build up begin.

Phew. Gone are our 10% humidity and lovely
warm days, now begins our super humid, 40 degree
weather, clouds building, storms coming, rain falling and
soon, the grass will begin to turn green,
and it will be out with the lawn mower after 6
months in the garden shed.
Ah well, it was great while it lasted!

BUT WAIT............THERE'S MORE....

Today, we were able to hold a
Youth Fun Day with the youth group kids
here in Katherine.

As you know from previous years,
we usually run a Holiday Bible Club each year,
but this year, we were down on helpers and
time and good health and were just plum wore out.

So, we were able to run a half day of fun
and food for the kids!
Amazingly, we didn't have to pull out the first aid
kit at all!! Miracle!!

The kids enjoyed competing for ribbons
and eating to their hearts content!

We also brought out the puppets for an appearance
and they helped Dave with an object lesson,
which involved a very moldy sandwich, a very
oiled and greasy sandwich, and a sandwich that
had been run over by a truck! Literally!

What a great privilege we have to work with
these young lives and to teach them of God's love
and the hope they can have in Him.