Saturday, December 9, 2017

Latest Happenings

Well, this past week has been 
busy as usual, but with 
the added blessing of another
opportunity to share with Katherine
God's love. 

Our church was invited to take
part in the annual Christmas Parade
and we were told we were allowed to hand
out what we like to all!

What an opportunity to be able 
to hand out tracts and goodies to 
the hundreds of people who turned out
for the parade! 

Some of the ladies in the church busily
made costumes and sleigh dog masks
and decorated our much used tandem 
trailer for the occasion
(she has NEVER looked quite like that before)

We were able to walk alongside handing out 
little goody bags with lollies and tracts inside, 
and a banner that had our church name on it. 

One lady must have thought Dave and Justin needed
a hand carrying it as she walked a short distance with them. 

All in all, we were able to hand out 500 tracts 
and could have given out much more
as we ran out due to the enormous number
of people who attended. 

One of the men in the church 
(who shall remain nameless)
made a big hit with his bear costume
and the was the subject of MANY photos! 

It was also a treat to see many of the 
Barunga people there with their 2 floats. 

We have been filling in on Sundays 
in the community of Barunga
and have made many friends.
(more on that in a future post)

I'm not usually in the photos,
but here I am with a couple of lovely 
ladies from the Barunga Church. 

And of course, I HAD to get a picture 
with the cute minion! 

Miriam got to come along as well
although I think she ended up sleeping
through most of it. 

We pray that God will use His Word
to speak to hearts and that we will 
see fruit from our labours. 


Maddie and our front gate 
had a slight altercation on Monday
resulting in 7 stitches in her finger 
and yet another trip to the local hospital! 

We have just wrapped up Youth Group and
Teen Group for the holidays
and are looking forward to a little break,
at least in that department. 

Life flies along swiftly in all other 
areas. But despite our busy lives
and sometimes discouraging times,
God remains faithful and true.