Thursday, January 18, 2018

Beautiful in White

Okay, so I know you're all just hanging 
out for some more Miriam cuteness, 
so here you are!

Today, we headed outdoors for a 
little Miriam sized photo shoot with
Grandma (and Auntie Maddie on the 2nd camera)

After finding a beautiful white dress
at our local op shop, we just had to
get Miriam all dressed up
and photographed!

Some of her special teddy bears got 
in on the action too. 

And we needed some shots with her mummy, too.

We had some tears after a bump on the head,
but after some cuddles from mummy,
she was all smiles again. 

Now you can all say, "Awww",
and go on your merry way,
with a smile on your face,
thanks to Miriam.