Saturday, January 20, 2018

Storms and Blessings

Throughout these past few weeks,
the girls and I have been doing a big 
clean out and sort. This included going
through a lot of old files. 

As I sorted through the mounds of 
paperwork, articles, old receipts,
old birthday cards etc, 
I came across a LOT of good poems,
quotes, articles and writings from various 
authors, pastors, missionaries and 
Christian workers. 

Now I have a huge file that I want to
re read and post some of the best on the
blog (over time),  to hopefully be a blessing and encouragement
to someone out there that just might need 
what was written down long ago. 

I especially liked these writings on storms and blessings. 
I'll let them speak for themselves. 

If these are a blessing and a help to you,
please pass them on, or let me know
and I can email you the original.
(I have taken the liberty of using my 
own photos to add to the message)

God bless