Saturday, February 4, 2017

Holmes/Drews Adventure

Recently, we drove up to Darwin to pick up
Cam and Lauren from the airport after there
trip to Timor. Over recent weeks, we've
had to do quite a few trips to Darwin,
which is unusual for us, so it was time for a detour.

It's not that the road is boring or anything,
but, sometimes something different is in order.

Well, we decided to do a loop road that
goes past the old Grove Hill Historic Hotel.

Problem. Wet season. Hmmm.
Well, we had just picked up Emilee's new ute
and what better way for Emilee to get her first drive
in it, than taking it on a dirt road full of washouts,
potholes, mud, flooded
causeways and creek crossings.

Emilee puts the L plates on and she's off!

Cam followed behind in our cruiser
and splashed through
all the puddles as per usual.
(seriously, is there any other way???)

Well, we were going along fine, but as the road
got worse, Dave took over the driving and we
came to a bigger, much deeper crossing.

Well, the fellas said Lauren and Chloe
and I could wade across to check
the depth and conditions.
Ok, so well, maybe we volunteered
because we love getting wet.

Well, once it got to our thighs, we began
to get the heebie jeebies about whether or not
there was any crocs in this fast flowing creek
and we could only see the tip of the guide post,
and it wasn't getting any shallower or shorter,
so, we turned around and
decided to find another way.

Dave wisely didn't feel like having to drain all
the oils etc out of both vehicles for the next week
and our old cruiser needs some TLC at the moment.

So, we turned around and tried
to figure out the best
way back without going over the same tracks again.
We took one road that was very interesting,
but petered out into little more than a goat track
and we realised that wasn't the right one.

Here's the girls trying to get a bar of reception to
look at Google maps to find a better road.
We were unsuccessful with that by the way.

All in all, we had a good time and got home
late, tired, hungry but happy that we took the
long way home and explored new ground.

Dave has now found an interesting old
site to go explore some more some time.

Sometimes life calls for the long way home!

And in other random news,
we had a nice downpour the other night
so I had to grab the camera and sit out on
the verandah to see what I could see.

Neighbourhood vista through rain

And some light painting with lasers!

And of course bats bats and more bats
The girls crack the whip to scare them out of the
trees behind our house and they go crazy,
fly away, then someone up the road scares them
all back again. It's a game we like to play. LOL.

"The world is a book,
and those who don't travel,
read only one page"