Monday, February 13, 2017

Well, after a few dismal
wet seasons, we are now
having a decent one.

The Katherine River today
was up to 15 metres!

The locals, including ourselves,
have been keeping a close eye on the
river levels and going out to check every
couple of days or so.

 The photo below was taken in 2014..........

 And today!

And below is the Low Level Crossing
near where Abbi and James live.
So, they have to take the long way around now:)
You can actually see the river from their house.

And somewhere underneath this water,
is the picnic tables, a parking lot and toilet block:)

☁ As the rain brings renewal
And the tender buds begin to come alive,
So is my Word.
Giving seed to the sower,
And the bread to the hungry
'til they thrive,
So is my Word.
And the Word of my mouth,
it shall not return empty;
It will bless the earth wherever it is heard.
This is my Word. ☁