Thursday, July 27, 2017

RODEO  2017

Well, last weekend was our annual show and rodeo.
We look forward to this exciting event every year.
Dave looks forward to the show junk food,
and I look forward to an opportunity to take more
photos! Go figure??

Now that the girls are older,
Dave and I walk around the show by ourselves
and the girls hang out with friends
and ride the rides.

Being a small show, we constantly
run into each other, then we meet up at the
rodeo for all the excitement.

This year was extra special because
it was Miriam's very first show and rodeo!
She very happily slept through most of it!
Thankfully, no bulls or broncs collided with
the rails in front of her!

I love these adorable kids.

And these were bull riders in the making.
Yes, these little fellas rode!

And now, here's some random pics from the night.

 This old bull was a spinner.
He came out of the gates
and went round and round in circles.
Bet that cowboy didn't need to
go on any showrides after that!

Of course, the rides are a big drawcard
for the girls and Maddie upped the anti when
she took on the SPEED ride with a friend.

I've uploaded a video for you to
catch the action and here are some stats:

37 metres high
13 revolutions per minute
Acceleration 3.5g on the rider

And that's all of the show until next year!