Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Territory Day
July 1, 2017

Just some of my favourites
from the fireworks show
put on by our Town Council

We've found it's funner
to watch other people blow up
hundreds of dollars, than spend
our own money on them:)

Despite a strict curfew
on the times allowed for
shooting off fireworks,
in our neighbourhood,
they started around 9am
and finished around 2 am.

Then of course, the occasional
one goes off at any time of the day,
on any given day of the week.

Makes for an interesting life.

So, if any of you has the urge
to spend a lot of money
on a bit of bang,
come for a visit on July 1st
and you can use our front yard
for your expensive thrill.

I'll even take photos for
you to take home as a souvenir,
as that's all you get to show for it,
besides a few
empty cardboard tubes.

Oh, and below is a short video
to show you what it looks
like as you drive through the
Watch out for flying fireworks!