Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is us at the show:)

Well, it's that time of year again, and we've just had a big weekend of
show rides, show food, loud music, rodeo fun, dirt, dust and craziness!
Dave was able to make it home at midnight the night before the show holiday
so we were able to all go as a family, which was great!
Emilee and Maddy
This year we were able to enter some of the competitions, and brought home
some prizes (prize money was very minimal but it's still exciting seeing
your entries with certificates on them).

I gained a 2nd in photography portfolio.
Abbi got a 2nd in photography and a 1st and also the “Outstanding Junior Exhibit”
for her beautiful Table Runner that she made with Aunty Caroline's help!
Lauren got a 1st and 3rd for her adorable fabric origami placemats.
Maddy got a 1st for her cross stitch.
Chloe got a 2nd for her very creative and adorable vege sculpture.

Anyway, it was great fun.
Some cute kids watching the action
We had fun watching the lawn mower racing, which turned into
dodgems and cheating,a great laugh (a new thing this year
with only 3 entries, next year watch out, we're on the lookout for a ride on now!)


This was a horse and 'car' barrel race competition

Maddy came 2nd in the watermelon seed spitting contest and also
in the elastic sided boot toss!
This year we didn't compete in the wheelie bin races as I felt too old,
Cam was afraid Lauren wouldn't be able to pull him along in a bin :)
and Emilee didn't feel like making a fool out of herself.

This little piggy went to the show!

Of course, the highlight of the show for us is the rodeo!
We went to both nights to catch all the excitement!
There wasn't too many spills this year and turnout was down on last
year, but we still managed to get dusty
and do some yelling and take lots of photos.

It's great to be able to stand right next to the rails and stand stock still when a bull
rushes toward you! Okay, so we've had our adrenalin rush for the year!
We came home very dusty and tired but had a great time. 
Here is a video clip of some of the action!