Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well, the last few weeks have been very busy around the Holmestead,
with wedding preparations, holiday kids club, school, life etc.
Some days I seriously have thought of banging my head against the wall
until I pass out! (well, maybe I wouldn't go that far)

Anyway, I am going to do a few posts as time allows and upload
some photos for you to get some visual pictures of our latest
escapades (if that's the right word??)

Maddy and Abbi Clean Up

Just recently, Abbi, Maddy and I entered into a local photo competition
showcasing the NT region. Of course, I won nothing, but Maddy got a 1st
and a 3rd while Abbi took out a 2nd prize and the local members award
which means she now has her prize winning photo on a postcard to be
sent out all over the Katherine region by our local member. Woo Hoo.
So, while I forked out the entry fees and printing fees, the girls raked it in!
Sigh :(
(or for us Aussies, “Holiday Kids Club”)


Just this past week we were able to help out at a 5 day long (each night) bible club
at our church. Lauren was busy getting all the crafts together for each
night. This took many weeks and lots of preparation, and was an immense
task that turned her room into a mess of used toilet rolls, string, paper plates,
cellophane, dinosaurs etc. The theme was creation and the kids had a great
time and hopefully learned a lot too.
I had the easy task of getting the music together for the songs we
sang. The kids had fun singing at the top of their lungs songs like 'Creation, Creation'
(compliments of Lauren, Linet and co writing this song many years ago),
the "Woodpecker Song" and “Behemoth is a Dinosaur”.
Abbi gave a hand getting the snacks together for each night
that were also themed to fit in with the lessons.

Cam helped out with games.

Everyone involved put in a big effort!
Here is a little video snippet of the kids singing!
(In the Woodpecker song, we had a little woodpecker
toy sliding down a pole and we were trying to beat it
to the bottom, hence the speed of the song!)
And that's all for tonight,
 stay tuned for the next
exciting installment in our crazy lives!