Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On a totally random note, here's something you don't hear every day.
Yesterday Dave did his regular run to Timber Creek (3 hours away).
This time, one of his pick ups was a small saltwater crocodile:)
Yes, I did say a saltwater crocodile.

Our friend, Phil, who owns a local restaurant, is going to put this
little fella in a large tank for tourists to look at and keep replacing it
as it grows, with a smaller one as he's only allowed to keep a certain size.
Well, how do you, transport something like this you ask?
Easy. Tie a rubber band around its snout and shove it in a cooler bag.
Yes, a cooler bag like you put cold stuff in!
Territory style! Only one problem.
This particular bag had a little hole in it.

Second problem. It was sitting in the sleeper of the truck while Dave was driving.
You can probably see where this is headed. Anyway, while driving along merrily,
Dave heard something rolling around in the sleeper. Thinking it was a plastic bottle
or something, he wasn't too worried, but pulled over as it was an annoying noise.

Well, to his surprise, the little blighter had gotten out
and was making a great escape from
his safe little bag into the vast interior
 of the sleeper. Needless to say, he took a bit of catching
and Dave's nervousness at the chase,
before Dave had safely stowed him away again.
Dave had carted him around for almost 11 hours!
Luckily, the croc survived the ride and so did Dave.
Never a dull moment on the road, that's for sure.
Here's a picture of what it would have looked like:)
Cute, but they don't stay that way!!