Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camping in the great outdoors
On Friday, we were able to get away
for one night to go camping.
We travelled out to Gorrie Airfield,
an old WWII airbase about 2 hours
south of Katherine.
It was so nice to set up camp,
build a fire (which I did all by myself
while everyone was out exploring),
and just enjoy nature.
Of course, we had to take our 2 joeys with us,
fortunately, Willem is doing a lot better now so
he wasn't so much trouble. We had to hang them in
the camper trailer once we were there, so that they wouldn't
 escape into the wild prematurely:)

We were hunting around for treasure when I noticed
a concrete slab with 2 steel boxes on top.
(afterwards I found out they were toilet holes)
Anyway, I lifted the lid on one and thought
'oh  that's deep', then took another look and hurriedly
put the lid back down to call Dave.
Inside was a huge olive python looking up at me menacingly!
Phew! But then, of course I had to have a photo, so
I gingerly held the camera over the hole and clicked away!
 Well, we were unable to uncover any great treasures
(except my snake), but had a great time exploring
and of course, the girls had a ball riding in the back of
Cam's ute and flying down the airstrip!
Well, he couldn't quite manage to get it off the ground
as the old girl just wouldn't do it!
It was fun trying anyway:)

Make sure you check out the video below,
for a funny tongue-in-cheek look at
Cam's ute!
NOTE: For those of you reading our blog via email,
and still not able to view videos,
here is how you go about it.
On the email post, just move your cursor over
the title 'Life at the Holmestead', that is above
the post. You will then be able to click on
it and it will take you to the webpage where you
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Hope that helps:)
On the way home, we stopped at Elsey Cemetery, 
near Mataranka, where Aeneas Gunn is buried,
from We of the Never Never fame.
A very interesting place, and once again,
beautiful Territory skies overhead.