Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Free Fun in Katherine!!
As it is National Youth Week, the YMCA
is putting on a lot of free activities for the kids.
So, yesterday, it was a pool fun avo.
Chloe and Maddy got to have a go at the rock climbing,
which soon became a favourite and they scaled it
numerous times. Chloe seemed to be the reigning champion
for speed and agility! ( I still remember finding her at
the top of a ladder when she couldn't even walk yet! )
There was also an inflatable obstacle course in the pool.
Chloe was pretty speedy on this too, but Maddy
gave her and others a run for their money.
There were free smoothies, sausage on bread, lollies,
jellybeans, waterbottles, bags, bracelets etc.
Needless to say, we came home with a lot of stuff!
Here's a short clip of the rock wall climbing
And the inflatable obstacle course
Keep an eye out for the next instalment.
Inflatable sumo wrestling suits, the fly wall,
inflatable foosball etc............