Friday, April 25, 2014


We were able to go to the Anzac Day service today,
our first here in Katherine, and wow!
I didn't realise how small our Malanda service
was until today. This one was huge!!
I guess we do have an air force base here,
which makes a difference.
Well, the parade was different.
It was the first time I had seen a Road Train poking
along behind the last Police vehicle,
waiting to get through Katherine:)
And countless others passing by on the other side
as the service and parade was in progress.
Also, we had a fly over of 3 Hornets
which was awesome! The only
problem was that I didn't know when it would happen
and was changing my camera battery and only
just managed to snap one pic.
If you look in the lower left hand corner,
you'll see a street light.
Here's the tribe (plus 2 joeys) just before the parade.
We were in the middle of the street.
Of course, I didn't stay there, preferring to run
about the place in search of great photographic material.
I have uploaded a short video of some of our service
for those interested.
Dave brought his prime mover home on Wednesday
night so we could clean out the fridge and make
his bed for the next morning's 3am start.
It was pretty awesome seeing it sitting outside the house.
Hopefully the neighbours didn't mind the backing beeper
noise at 9 at night, oh, and leaving the next morning:)