Monday, April 7, 2014

And other random stuff.............

So, on Friday, I take Maddy and Chloe and go
to the Railway Bridge (over the Katherine River)
so I can take a photo of Dave driving by with
his new truck and 3 trailers.........Pause for effect..........
Ahem....This is the part where you
 are supposed to suitably impressed!
Right, now we got that sorted.
Anyway, we walked out onto the bridge and I
start taking test shots and we were soon greeted
by 2 slightly intoxicated locals. cough cough.
After I finally made out what they were saying,
I realised they wanted me to take a photo of them
with the girls. Anyway, it was an interesting
story to tell when Dave got home as I almost missed
him going by because of the hold up.
Well, they're famous now as they've made it to our blog.
Well, I had a heap more photos to upload on another subject,
but my computer just decided to not do it,
so hopefully tomorrow. Don't go to far away!